What is a

Wordpress Theme?

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A Theme Defined

Basically a THEME is a collection of templates and stylesheets that control the aesthetic look of your website without changing the core functionality of WordPress. Themes can be thought of as the 'design lens' of your website through which you show your content. This means you can easily change the look or appearance of your website simply by replacing the theme.

Advantages of a Pre Built Theme:

  • Very Fast to Implement
  • Cheaper than Hiring a Designer/Developer
  • Very Little or No Coding Required
  • Can Change Appearance Easily
  • Supported & Updated

Professionally Designed Themes

Themeforest is a marketplace that provides over 9,000 WordPress Themes from independent developers and has a reputation for selling well designed, well coded and well supported themes. If you are looking to start your new website without having to hire a designer and web developer check out their beautiful and affordable WordPress themes.

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