Why WordPress? World's most popular content management system

Easy to publish, easy to configure, easy to maintain, secure, seo friendly...basically because it just works!

It's Free!

Who doesn't love free! WordPress (and its updates) are open-source, which means you can use the software any way you like. You have complete creative and functional freedom. It's well supported by a worldwide community and updates are released regularly at no charge whatsoever.

Easy to Manage

Wordpress is installed on your own server (or use our fully managed hosting service!). You own everything that’s created there and have full, unlimited creative freedom. Once you learn the basics it's easy to update too! Or if you prefer you can hire a WordPress expert to update and maintain your site (we offer a WordPress management package for a low monthly fee)

The fastest growing CMS

WordPress powers nearly one in four sites on the Web – and of all sites that use a Content Management system (CMS), WordPress is the choice of more than 80%.

It's Secure!

The company behind WordPress, Automattic, employs a security team consisting of 25+ experts whose only job is to make sure the WordPress core is safe from attacks such as injections, viruses, etc.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

WordPress is an SEO powerhouse coded to be SEO-friendly “right out of the box.” It supports a wide variety of plugins that help developers fine-tune every aspect of SEO.

Community Supported

The WordPress community comprises top-notch coders, testers and other contributors. Unlike software that’s marketed by a single company and developed and maintained by a single team, WordPress has thousands of talented, dedicated folks behind it. Updates, fixes and improvements come at a steady pace.

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