It's easy to get started

Follow These Simple Steps

Domain Name

Pick a domain name! Your domain name says a lot about you or your company so this is an important step. We offer domain registration for common domain TLDs (.com, .org, .info, .net, .biz) For premium domains you can use one of the many domain name registrars like GoDaddy. If you already have a domain name great! We can help you get it transferred to our servers should you decide to host your website with us.

Wordpress Theme

Pick a theme! There are thousands of WordPress themes available which can make this step a bit overwhelming. Many of these themes are free (including the ones that come with your WordPress installation) but our experience is the paid themes are of higher quality and better supported. We partner with a WordPress Theme Marketplace called Themforest. They offer a great selection of high quality themes so feel free to check them out or search online for 'Wordpress Themes' and you will see a large variety of theme providers.

Web Host

Pick a Web Host! We hope that you take the time to look at our awesome hosting plans and decide to host your WordPress site with us. We make it extremely easy to set up your WordPress site and we are here to support your website needs every step of the way.

Need Help?

We are here to help! Why not make things a little easier on yourself? Regardless of the theme you end up picking for your website we can help get it all installed and configured to your specifications with our add-on theme installation and customization services. Contact us with questions or just add these services to your web hosting order at checkout.

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